Agile Enterprise Practices

Optimize R&D Spend
Extract more business value out of each dollar you spend on R&D. We guide you on an explortion of your R&D spend, correlating it to product & business outcomes
Optimize Software Delivery Performance
Deliver relevant product capabilities, with predictability and quality. We bring focus to your Software Delivery Performance, providing objective measures, if they don't already exist
Accelerate Business Growth
Increase value delivered to customers. Optimized R&D-spend allocation & high Software Delivery Performance positively shift the growth profile of your business

The Problem

Is your ability to deliver slowing?
Are you looking for answers?
Software Delivery Performance slows with organiztion growth & system complexity
Are you aware when these performance dips happen?


R&D Investment Analysis

Summarize & analyze your R&D investment. Align with desired business outcomes. Ensure balance across business objectives. Make conscious tradeoffs. Eliminate investments that are not delivering value. Establish process for creating a product plan that is sustainbable, realistic, and timely.

Organization & Team Analysis

Review organization & teams, identify gaps. Implement adjustments to deliver desired business outcomes. Establish, track, and align across teams. Ensure alignment with product plan. Manage performance using OKRs. Ensure alignemnt with professional growth objectives.

Software Delivery Performance

Drive focus on key SDP metrics that improve delivery performance. Implement disciplines to measure and monitor these metrics. Establish regular cadence across teams. Divide & synchronize work across teams. Improve predictability of deliveries. Increase visibility into progress with a light-weight reporting framework. Optimize Continuious Integration and Continuous Deployment tools & processes.

Cost Optimization Plan

Understand utilization of infrastructure & tools. Reduce cost immediately by harvesting low-hanging fruit. Develop cost management & purchasing strategy -- reserved instances, spot purchases. Establish plan for longer term cost reduction. Establish processes & tools for continuous monitoring & optimization of cost.

Technology Investment Plan

Understand the state of the current system and technology. Identify problematic areas in the codebase & system architecture. Develop technology roadmap with tracks. Aign with product roadmap. Develop future-state architectural blueprint; avoid nasty surprises down the road. Prioritize investments using multi-dimensional impact criteria. Establish a framework & process for capturing & meeting non-functional requirements -- quality, scale, performance, maintainability, security. Improve developer productivity.

System Health Get Well Plan

Evaluate & tuneup monitoring & alerting strategy. Establish on-call rotations. Establish runbooks. Balance planned/unplanned work. Establish support process with multiple tiers. Drive automation for testing & infrastructure. Establish change management process.



Gain transparency into technology state & effort

Business Perspective

View technology investments with a business lens


Align technology investments with business objectives


Increase speed & accuracy of resource tradeoff decisions


Increase R&D effectiveness resulting in overall improved productivity

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